Series Two of Pete Boone, Private Eye marked the debut of PETER LOVE on the small screen!

All about PETER LOVE

Born: Peter Love

Birthday: 12th May

School: Did Drama (not very well) 4 years. Wanted to be an actor as a kid. Then moved more into music. But there’s always been that underlying acting.

Family: Brother, Mum & Dad - No acting talent (hopeless)

My Own Bands: Leviathan (nouveau melodic death - Me: Vocals, Roderick Obist: Guitar, Jeff Mail: Bass, Boon Quah: Drums) . Angry Young Computer /Vandella.

Favourite Films: Jurassic Park, Johnny Dangerously, School of Rock, Trainspotting.

Favourite Actors: Jack Black, Leonardo Di Caprio (Romeo + Juliet, Catch Me If You Can), Tom Hanks.

Favourite Band: Iced Earth with Matt Barlow.

Favourite Albums: Covenant: Nexis Polaris, Green Carnation: Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness, Mars Volta: Francis The Mute.

Peter Love vs Peter Boone: We both fall over quite a lot.

Sports: Cricket (opening bowler),  Touch Football (Captain of the very successful Pete Boone Team), Basketball (little bit!)

New Year’s Resolution: Don’t believe in them.

Long Term Goals: Become rich & famous, Finish my degree, Backpack around Europe.

A couple of audio grabs of PETER LOVE straight after his first two episodes as ‘Pete Boone’.

ALSO: Check out Peter Love’s interview in the May 16th 2007 edition of the North Side Courier ( - online edition - click on back issues - p.1 & p.15 ) or here!

Peter has starred in two new movies: ‘Insecurity’ & ‘Dead Man Drinking’.

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